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  • Get added to KickSite!

    Posted on by Mr. Abbott
    Please follow the instructions in the pdf from the following link: Kicksite Instructions
  • Private Lessons Available

    Posted on by Mr. Abbott
    We are offering private lessons for you or your child. You can choose from available instructors. The cost is $15 for 15 minutes ($30 for 30 minutes), paid directly to the instructor. Mr. Abbott is also available for private lessons. Please contact him directly for availability and pricing.
  • Inclement Weather Rule

    Posted on by Mr. Abbott

    Attention Parents and Students

    This website will be the final word on all weather closings! If there is any chance for inclement weather (ice, snow, warnings, watches, etc) - check here or call the TKD school for details. Any complaints or concerns, please direct to Mr. Abbott.
  • IMPORTANT Parking Information

    Posted on by Mr. Abbott
    Abbott's Taekwondo must use its own lot for parking. The hair salon next door, Blades does not hesitate to tow your car. Even when they are closed, they tow. They have a towing service that monitors the lot 24 hours a day. Let me say it again, "Don't park there…ever…not even for a second." The drycleaner next door has never said anything to us about overflow parking. He is a very nice man. Take him all your dry cleaning, we like him.

Welcome to Abbott's TaeKwonDo America!

TaeKwonDo America (TA) is a national organization with member schools across the United States which adhere to the same guidelines and procedures. These principals designate the standards by which we teach, promote students in rank, and project our image and reputation within the community.

The TA National Board of Examiners has developed and certified a comprehensive training and fitness program for our students to follow. This enables children and adults to progress at their own pace and ensures that we are able to meet the needs of all students.

Over the years, TA has established a reputation built upon our standard of excellence. Accordingly, we do not allow any negative, aggressive behavior, or any misuse of TaeKwonDo in any manner is strongly discouraged

Abbott's TaeKwonDo America competes exclusively in tournaments sponsored by our national organization. TA sponsors several regional and national tournaments throughout the year and invites all enrolled students to participate in these events.

At Abbott's TaeKwonDo America our goal is to provide the finest fitness training available and to help our students build character and become healthier, more productive individuals.

Our philosophy is to provide a positive, rewarding, and stimulating physical fitness regimen for children and adults. We promote a healthy lifestyle in a safe, fun, family-oriented environment.

Thank you for considering Abbott's TaeKwonDo America. We strive to maintain a well rounded professional program that provides the finest quality in martial arts instruction. Our goal is to have a fun, family oriented environment where everyone that comes in feels welcome. Our door is always open!

If you are interested in trying a class please call us!! It's free to try and new classes are forming all the time.

Join us!! Experience the fun!!

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